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Hey! I'm Kyle Leonard,

My tech arsenal includes Javascript/Typescript, Svelte + Sveltekit, Node.js, Python + Django/Flask, PHP, Wordpress, TailwindCSS + SkeletonUI, & MongoDB or CockroachDB (PostgreSQL)

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I am . . .


a music lover turned dev

I got into development out of my love for music, when the tides started to turn during my journey as a Producer and Mix Engineer. I found it easier to work with the technical things of the post work and when it came to artists, it was hard to depend on the consistency of work. That led me to looking into making VSTs for music production but that soon turned into going down a rabbit hole with web development. That led me to online tutorials and projects before attending Lambda School (now Bloom Institute of Technology). From there, i entered my professional career and haven't looked back since.


a developer for Cars Commerce

As a developer at Cars Commerce, my work primarily involves PHP, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, and WordPress, at times, complemented by features using Vue components. I am adept at managing tasks through Jira and using a variety of tools including Docker, AWS, and Postman.


an excellent communicator and constant learner

I place great emphasis on transparent and effective communication, which I believe is crucial for building strong team relationships and enhancing productivity. I am committed to continual learning and staying updated with the latest technologies, with a keen interest in finance technology and exploring new frameworks like SvelteKit and languages like TypeScript.

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